RGS Guildford Nanjing has obtained the accreditation from two examination boards: Cambridge CAIE and EDEXCEL!


RGS Guildford Nanjing

Good News

Congratulations to our school for obtaining the accreditation from two examination boards: Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearson Edexcel. Obtaining accreditation is not only a high affirmation of our school's education and facilities, but also means that RGS Guildford, Nanjing will be able to run A-Level exams on behalf of these examination boards.


As is known to all, A-Level represents advanced level courses for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exam and courses for university entrance exam in the UK. The A-Level course certificate is accepted by almost all English-taught universities as the standard for recruiting new students.

A-Level exams are held by different examination boards. Different examination boards have different textbooks, syllabuses, and exam questions. These exams are globally recognized, so the scores are equally valuable no matter where the student takes the exam.

The certification from the examination boards is based on review of relevant documents and facilities, and interviews with the main person in charge. Officials of the examination boards will conduct at least a surprise check during the examination every year to ensure that the examination venues strictly follow the regulations.

The students of RGS Guildford Nanjing who have completed the relevant courses can take the exam at this school. Our examination venue also accepts candidates from other schools, who will be monitored by the teachers of our school.


EDEXCEL Examination Board


More than 85% of the students in the UK take the exams certified by Edexcel, which is the largest certification body in the UK.

It is worth noting that Edexcel only authorizes local A-Level schools in the UK or schools that are associated with local schools in the UK.

Cambridge CAIE Examination Board


The full name of the CAIE is “Cambridge Assessment International Examination”, and the Chinese name is “劍橋大學國際考試委員會”. It is responsible for the public examinations of Cambridge University, and it is now the largest overseas examination organization in the UK.